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Sanghol Museum

Sanghol Museum

Sanghol Museum, Sanghol Museum travel, Sanghol Museum tourism, Sanghol Museum Historical Place, travel to Sanghol Museum Located on Chandigarh-Ludhiana road (40 km from Chandigarh), one can vision a repository of archaeological finds of Punjab's very old civilization at the Sanghol museum. One of the most significant monuments here is a Stupa with Buddhist Monastery dating back to 1st and 2nd centuries.

A Budhist stupa was excavated in 1968, but in Feburary 1985 a rich wealth of 117 good-looking caryed stoneslabs, pillars, crosbars, figures and figurines were excavated by the specialist of the Directorate of Archeology, Punjab.

Scholars have associated them to Kushan Sculptures of the Mathura school of 1st and 2n century A.D. These treasures have since been displayed for art lovers and historians in the museum of sanghol.

Some Important Places of Interest:

1. Site Excavation at village named 'Ucha Pind Sanghol'.
2. Archeological Museum at Sanghol (district Ludhiana)


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