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Qila Mubarak Patiala

Qila Mubarak (Patiala)

Qila Mubarak, Qila Mubarak travel, Qila Mubarak tourism, Qila Mubarak Historical Place, travel to Qila Mubarak MonumentThe Qila (fort) was also the abode of Patiala dynasty. The housing part was called Qila Androon or the Inner Fort. Its livelihood apartments have names like Jail Walla Palace for royal prisoners, the Moti (pearl) Palace, the Sheesh (mirror work) Palace, the Rajmata (Queen Mother) Palace, the Palace of Colors, and the Palace of the Moon.

The colorful and excited state of Punjab, the hot seat of India's cultural shows is luxurious in grand palaces and majestic forts. Of the numerous palaces and forts, the state boasts of, the Qila Mubarak Patiala, certainly holds a special place.

The former residence of the famous Patiala dynasty, the Qila Mubarak Patiala is a battlement fort cum palace, enclosed by crenellated walls, battlements and turrets. The fortification however does not in any way shrink the beauty or the imperial grandeur of the palace.

The palace was built under the caring auspices of Maharaja Ala Singh in 1764. During its days of commencement, Qila Mubark was just a kuch-garhi of a mud fort that was later renovated into an incoherent two-storied mansion with an imposing entrance with intricate arches. A large part of the fort however has been transformed into a heritage museum.

The residential part of the palace that was inhabited by the royal members of the Patiala reign was known as the Qila Androon or the Inner Fort. Stylish living chambers for the royal prisoners appropriately named the Jail Walla Palace accompany them. Besides the Moti Palace and Sheesh Palace, the Rajmata Palace, the Palace of Colors and the Palace of the Moon are the other well-known apartments the abundantly furnished and stylishly decorated palatial apartments. Other supplementary buildings like the Putli (Puppet) Ghar and Bagh Ghar or the Garden House with brightly colored rooms also earn special mention and are attractive tourist haunts. An exclusive feature of the palace is its outstanding planning and modern architecture. Lassi Khana, the palace kitchen used to dish up gastronomic delights to feed 35,000 mouths of all ranks everyday.

The recreational structures were called the Putli (Puppet) Ghar and Bagh Ghar or the Garden House. Its richly painted chambers are peerless. Most astonishing of all, the Palace is fitted with underground sewerage system and has a cool room connected with a tunnel which brings chill air from the basement. Lassi Khana-the magnificent kitchen used to feed 35,000 people of all ranks everyday.


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