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Mansar Lake

Mansar Lake (62-km East of Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir)

Mansar Lake, Mansar Lake tours, Visit Mansar Lake of Jammu Kashmir, Travel to Mansar Lake, Beaches and LakesLocation : 62-km East Of Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir
Best Time To Visit : April To October
Main Attractions : A Ruined Palace, Mahor Gadh Ruins, Food & Crafts Festival & Chhing Festival

Further, on the Jammu-Srinagar road, beyond Surinsar Lake, Mansar Lake is also reached by a regular bus service from Jammu. According to a legend the legendary hero of the Mahabharata, Anjuna, is said to have shot an arrow into the ground at Mansar. The arrow emerged at Surinsar and thus both lakes were created.

The lake is about 4-km in perimeter and surrounded by thick mangrove stands, backed by pine trees on the slopes of the hills. Like Surinsar the lake is also covered with lotus flowers in summer.

Places to Look Around

A Ruined Palace
Beside the lake there is a small ruined palace with colourful frescoes on the walls and another ancient building is nearby. Often newly married couples can be seen walking around the edge of Mansar, as it is considered auspicious for their future well being.

Mahor Gadh Ruins
The mysterious ruins of Mahor Garh, nobody knows who built them or why - are reached from Mansar.

Celebrations At Mansar
Mansar Lake, Mansar Lake tours, Visit Mansar Lake of Jammu Kashmir, Travel to Mansar Lake, Beaches and LakesEvery year around Baisakhi, a food and crafts festival is organized here by the J&K tourism. Towards the end of May each year there is a major festival at Mansar in which the folk spirit of the Dogra citizens is reflected in exuberant singing and dancing. Later the 'Chhing' festival features wrestling bouts with wrestlers invited from near and far to display their prowess. These festivities are frequent in a number of villages in the area, one after the other.

How To Get There
Road : Regular buses ply from Jammu to reach Mansar Lake.

Where To Stay
Accommodation is vacant for tourist in the Bungalow and huts of J&KTDC.;


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