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Manasbal Lake

Manasbal Lake

Mansabal Lake, Mansabal Lake tours, Visit Mansabal Lake of Jammu Kashmir, Travel to Mansabal Lake, Beaches and LakesLocation : 28-km From Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir
Average Depth : 12m
Significance : One Of The Largest Natural Haunts Of Aquatic Birds In Kashmir.
Best Time To Visit : June To August

Situated in the Jhelum valley on the route to the Wular Lake via Safapur, the lake can be reached from Srinagar via Shadipur or via Nasim and Gandarbal. The secluded, crystal clear sheet of green water was named after the sacred lake of Mansarowar that skirts the equally sacred Mt. Kailash.

Places to Look Around
In summer the lake, which averages 12 meters deep, is covered with lotus flowers and in winter it is a bird watchers paradise as it is one of the largest natural haunts of aquatic birds in Kashmir. The Baladar Mountain overlooks the lakes eastern bank while on its northern bank are the ruins of Darogabagh.

Mughal Garden
There is a Mughal (also spelt as Mohgul) garden, build by Nur Jahan, by the lake. It's called Garoka, meaning bay window, due to its view out over the lake.

A grove of Chinar trees at the nearby village of Safapur is recognized as Badshah Boni, royal Chinar, and was planted in imitation of the Nasim Bagh in Srinagar . A canal taken from the Sindh River, constructed by a Badshah in the 15th century, irrigates Safapur. Nearby is a cave dug by a mystic, with his grave lying next to a small shrine. Near this is situated a tourist hut.

A Campsite
Camping is possible at another lakeside Chinar copse recognized as Qoz Bagh. There is also a government rest house by the lake.


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