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Home>>North India>>Jammu-Kashmir>>Art & Craft of Jammu Kashmir

Art & Craft of Jammu Kashmir

Basketry, Basketry art and craft, Basketry art of Jammu Kashmir, Basketry Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Basketry

Willow rushes that grow plentifully in marshes and lakes in Kashmir are used to make charmingly quaint objects, ranging from shopping baskets and lampshades to tables and chairs, all generally in expensive.

Brass, Copper and Silver Ware

Kashmir is known throughout the world for its arts and crafts. There has always been an increasing demand for the craftsmanship in Kashmir which finds fullest manifestation in silverware.

Brass, Brass art and craft, Brass art of Jammu Kashmir, Brass Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Arts Crafts
Embroidery, Embroidery art and craft, Embroidery art of Jammu Kashmir, Embroidery Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir Embroidery

Chain stitch, be it in wool, silk or cotton, is done by hook rather than any needle. The hook is referred to as ari, and quality for quality, hook work covers a much larger area than needle work in the same amount of time.


Far less expensive are these colorful floor coverings made from woolen and cotton fiber which has been manually pressed into shape. Prices vary with the percentage of wool- a Namda containing 80% wool being more expensive than one containing 20% wool.

Namdas, Namdas art and craft, Namdas art of Jammu Kashmir, Namdas Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Arts Crafts
Papier Mache, Papier Mache art and craft, Papier Mache art of Jammu Kashmir, Papier Mache Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir

Papier Mache

At first glance, all Papier Mache` objects look roughly the same, and the price differential seems almost unreasonable. However, besides at least three different grades of Papier` Mache`, some is actually cardboard or wood!


A pheran is a traditional garment worn in Kashmir. This loose coat is worn by people all over the cold state to ward off the frigid winds of the winter months. It also accommodates the ubiquitous "Kangri", an earthen lamp carried close to the body for warmth.

Pherans, Pherans art and craft, Pherans art of Jammu Kashmir, Pherans Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir
Shawls, Shawls art and craft, Shawls art of Jammu Kashmir, Shawls Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Arts Crafts, Arts Crafts of Jammu Kashmir India Shawls

Kashmiri shawls are noted for the extreme fineness of the cream coloured goats wool known as Pashmina and for the intricate embroidery work. Pashmina is unmistakable for its softness.

Silk Textiles

Kashmiri silk refers to the fine silk sourced from cocoons reared in Kashmir. Nourished on fine mulberry leaves, the cocoons grown at the sericulture farms of Kashmir yield a fine quality of silk.

Silk Textiles, Silk Textiles art and craft, Silk Textiles art of Jammu Kashmir, Silk Textiles Arts & Crafts
Tweed, Tweed art and craft, Tweed art of Jammu Kashmir, Tweed Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Arts Crafts Tweed

Tweed is woven from pure wool. It is one of the most popular export items among the Kashmir art and craft items. The fine texture of the Kashmiri tweed makes it a must buy on your list when you tour Kashmir.

Wood Carving

Kashmir is the only part of India where the walnut tree grows. Its color, grains and inherent sheen are unique and unmistakable, and the carving and fret work that is done on this wood is of a very superior quality.

Wood Carving, Wood Carving art and craft, Wood Carving art of Jammu Kashmir, Wood Carving Arts & Crafts In Jammu Kashmir

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