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Lat Ki Masjid

Lat Ki Masjid

Lat Ki Masjid, Lat Ki Masjid tours, Visit Lat Ki Masjid of Haryana, Temple tour of Lat Ki MasjidLocation : Hissar, Haryana
Built By : Feroz Shah
Type of Architecture : Tughluq Lat Ki Masjid is a grand structure located in Hissar, an ancient city situated in the north-west of Haryana.

Built by :
Firuz Shah Tughluq, it conforms to the Tughluq style of architecture. Many buildings, L-shaped ablution tank and pillars form this whole edifice. Red and buff sandstones and rubble masonry having thick plasters are used for constructing this mosque. Main arched openings are supported on stone pillars. Floral and geometrical designs looted from the destroyed Hindu temples are used for the decoration of these stone pillars. Arches supported on pillars can also be seen in the nine bays of the main prayer hall. There is a carved 'Qibla' and a pulpit (on the wall in the west) inside the prayer hall. Lat Ki Masjid is named after the construction of a 'Lat' within the courtyard in the north-east. Made of sandstone, this 'Lat' is a part of an Ashoka pillar. The pillar is recognized so because of the presence of inscription in Mauryan Brahmi. The nearest railhead is Hissar Railway Station, a major junction of the North Western Railways. The nearest airport is the Indira Gandhi International Airport (161 km).

How To Get There
: The nearest airport is at Delhi.

: The nearest railway junction is at Hissar.

: Hissar has a well-developed road network.  

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