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Fairs-Festivals Of Goa

Bonderam Festival, Bonderam Festival fairs festivals, Bonderam Festival travel, Bonderam Festival of Goa, Fair and Festival Bonderam Festival

The main Bonderam festival is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of August. Bonderam is listed as a Hindu festival yet the morning starts with a large catholic population engaged in the ritual of cutting the first sheaf of rice in the paddy fields.


Like elsewhere in the world, December 25 is celebrated in India too as the nativity of Jesus Christ with traditional joy and gaiety. In fact, it cuts across the limits of the Church to spill over into the streets for all to participate.

Christmas, Christmas fairs festivals, Christmas travel, Christmas of Goa, Fair and Festival of Goa, Goa fairs festivals
Feast Of Three Kings, Feast Of Three Kings fairs festivals, Feast Of Three Kings travel, Feast Of Three Kings of Goa Feast Of Three Kings

Perched high on a hill in Quelim, Salcete, stands the little centuries-old stone chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios or Our Lady of Cures.

Food & Cultural Festival Of Goa

This 5-day festival held at Miramar beach close to Panaji in November/December offers a rich experience of Goa's unique cuisine - a creative blend of the western and Indian palates.

Food & Cultural Festival, Food & Cultural Festival fairs festivals, Food & Cultural Festival travel, Food & Cultural Festival of Goa
Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh Chaturthi fairs festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi travel, Ganesh Chaturthi of Goa, Fair and Festival

Ganesh Chaturthi

One of the most popular Gods in India, lord Ganesh or Ganpati is considered a symbol of wisdom and a bringer of good luck. It is said that his elephant head epitomises everything related to wisdom-small shrewd eyes, long ears that miss nothing, a long nose that can smell out anything fight and his vehicle, a mouse..

Good Friday/ Easter

Good Friday is observed in India in April every year, generally on the pattern adopted worldwide. Christians from all stratas of society trip the Church to attend the Mass held on this occasion.

Good Friday, Good Friday fairs festivals, Good Friday travel, Good Friday of Goa, Fair and Festival of Goa
Sao Joao Festival, Sao Joao Festival fairs festivals, Sao Joao Festival travel, Sao Joao Festival of Goa, Fair and Festival

Sao Joao Festival

Sao Joao is the feast of St. John the Baptist observed all over Goa on 24th June. Newly wed sons-in-law celebrate at their mothers-in-law's home. On this occasion the mother presents the daughter a basket full of fruits like jackfruits, mangoes, pineapples, etc.


Generally known as Holi, the month of Phalgun signifies the onset of what in Goa is known as Shigmo. Celebrated mostly by the masses in the close religious association of religious rites, the festival of Shigmo is accompanied by the fanfare of drum beats and the epic enactions of Mythology.

Shigmotsav, Shigmotsav fairs festivals, Shigmotsav travel, Shigmotsav of Goa, Fair and Festival of Goa
The Goa Carnival, The Goa Carnival fairs festivals, The Goa Carnival travel, The Goa Carnival of Goa, Fair and Festival

The Goa Carnival

The joy returns every year for less than a week-five days in Brazil, four nights in Goa-before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent which was once a dreary season of penance and abstinence-40 long week days preceding Easter Sunday.

St. Francis Day

The body of St Francis Xavier lies in a silver casket in the Church of Bom Jesus in Goa. Ceremonies to honor his death are performed on December 3, the day he was buried. St Xavier was a great Catholic missionary, who preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Asia.

Francis Day, Francis Day fairs festivals, Francis Day travel, Francis Day of Goa, Fair and Festival of Goa

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