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Beaches of Tamil Nadu

Chunnambar Beach, Chunnambar Beach tours, Visit Chunnambar Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Chunnambar Beach, Beaches Chunnambar Beach

Chunnambar is a famous beach resort located in Ariyankuppam, 7-km from Pondicherry , on the route to Cuddalore. Chunnambar is one place where tourists can go rowing, trekking, fishing and have loads of fun.

Covelong Beach

This fascinating beach in Tamil Nadu is a great beach tour destination for you to go to during your beach holidays and beach tours to Tamil Nadu, South India.

Covelong Beach, Covelong Beach tours, Visit Covelong Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Covelong Beach, Beaches and Lakes

Elliot-Beach, Elliot-Beach tours, Visit Elliot-Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Elliot-Beach, Beaches and Lakes of Tamilnadu Elliot-Beach

Elliot's beach is the preferred destination for those with a clean atmosphere in mind.

Kanyakumari Beach

The India's Land's end KanyaKuman or Cape Comorin is unique in being surrounded by three s that is Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, and Arabian S Hence the confluence is called 'Thriveni Sangamam".

Kanyakumari Beach, Kanyakumari Beach tours, Visit Kanyakumari Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Kanyakumari Beach, Beaches
Kurusadai Islands, Kurusadai Islands tours, Visit Kurusadai Islands of Tamilnadu, Travel to Kurusadai Islands, Beaches

Kurusadai Islands

This is an ecological paradise situated off Mandapam. It is notable for coral reefs and rare species of marine lives such as Dolphins.

Mahabalipuram Beach

The old port town of Mahabalipuram also known as Mamallapuram on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, has a coastline spanning a distance of over 20 km with beautiful beaches.

Mahabalipuram Beach, Mahabalipuram Beach tours, Visit Mahabalipuram Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Mahabalipuram Beach
Marina Beach, Marina Beach tours, Visit Marina Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Marina Beach, Beaches and Lakes of Tamilnadu

Marina Beach

Popularly known as one of the longest beaches in Asia, Marina's 12-km long stretch is a major crowd puller to this beach site.


Muttukkadu Beaches : A Backwater and estuary, Muttukkadu is ideal for rides on motorised boats or for wind surfing.

Muttukkadu, Muttukkadu tours, Visit Muttukkadu of Tamilnadu, Travel to Muttukkadu, Beaches and Lakes of Tamilnadu, Beach
Pichavaram Beach, Pichavaram Beach tours, Visit Pichavaram Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Pichavaram Beach, Beaches

Pichavaram Beach

This is another fishing village, 16 Kms south of Mamallapuram. A ruined fort of Dutch origin near the beach houses tomb stones dating back to 16-17th century.

Poompuhar Beach

Yet another beach resort created in memory of erstwhile "Kaveripoompattinam", a legendary Port city, washed away by the sea.

Poompuhar Beach, Poompuhar Beach tours, Visit Poompuhar Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Poompuhar Beach, Beaches and Lakes
Rameshwaram Beach, Rameshwaram Beach tours, Visit Rameshwaram Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Rameshwaram Beach

Rameshwaram Beach

The Rameshwaram beach is a wonderful place to go on beach holidays as this picturesque beach is surrounded by coral reefs.

V.G.P Golden Beach Resort

A short 20-minute drive from Chennai City, VGP Golden Beach Resort offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere in today's stress-driven world.

V.G.P Golden Beach Resort, V.G.P Golden Beach Resort tours, Visit V.G.P Golden Beach Resort of Tamilnadu, Travel

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