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South India

Andhra Pradesh travel, Andhra Pradesh travel guide, Tourist attractions of Andhra Pradesh, Historicals & Spiritual places of Andhra Pradesh, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour, about fairs & festivals of Andhra, Hills Tours Holidays

Andhra Pradesh

In the 7th century, the Chalukya kings ruled over the state. They ruled for about 300 years and lost power around the 10th century AD to the Chola kings, who came invading from the south.


The pre-historic culture of Karnataka, the hand-axe culture, compares favourable with the one that existed in Africa and is quite distinct from the pre-historic culture of North India.

Karnataka travel, Karnataka travel guide, Tourist attractions of Karnataka, Historicals & Spiritual places of Karnataka, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Karnataka, about fairs & festivals of Karnataka
Kerala travel, Kerala travel guide, Tourist attractions of Kerala, Historicals & Spiritual places of Kerala, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Kerala, about fairs & festivals of Kerala Kerala

Kerala is truly the undiscovered India. It is God's own country and an enchantingly beautiful, emerald-green sliver of land. It is a tropical paradise far from the tourist trial at the southwestern peninsular tip, sandwiched between the tall mountains and the deep sea.


Tamil Nadu which holds in itself a land, a language and a culture existed since the prehistoric times. Human settlement here is said to have existed cotemporary to the civilizations in other parts of world.

Tamil Nadu travel, Tamil Nadu travel guide, Tourist attractions of Tamil Nadu, Historicals & Spiritual places of Tamil Nadu, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Tamil Nadu, about fairs & festivals of Tamil Nadu


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