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Home>>Central India>>Madhya-Pradesh>>Cities of Madhya Pradesh

Cities of Madhya Pradesh

Ujjain, Ujjain city, Ujjain travel Guide, Ujjain Travel and Tourism, Ujjain tours, travel to Ujjain, Ujjain Travel Info Ujjain

Situated on the Malwa Plateau on the eastern side of the River Shipra that originates from the Kakri Bardi Range in Indore district, Ujjain forms the eastern district of Madhya Pradesh, the heart-state of India.


Indore is not a historically important city. Not many tourists wind up here unless they make it a sort of basecamp for excursions from it. Located in the heart of India, Indore is quite hot in the summer but the nights are something special.

Indore, Indore city, Indore travel Guide, Indore Travel and Tourism, Indore tours, travel to Indore, Indore Travel Info

Sanchi, Sanchi city, Sanchi travel Guide, Sanchi Travel and Tourism, Sanchi tours, travel to Sanchi, Sanchi Travel Info Sanchi

In 1989, Sanchi was built-in on the World heritage list and is a must-stop for the millions of devout Buddhists who arrive to India, from all corners of the world, each year for pilgrimage.


Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh combines scenic beauty, historicity and modern urban planning. It is situated on the site of an 11th century city, Bhojapal, founded by Raja Bhoja.

Bhopal, Bhopal city, Bhopal travel Guide, Bhopal Travel and Tourism, Bhopal tours, travel to Bhopal, Bhopal Travel Info
Orchha, Orchha city, Orchha travel Guide, Orchha Travel and Tourism, Orchha tours, travel to Orchha, Orchha Travel Info


Orchha's grandeur has been captured in stone, frozen in time, a rich legacy to the ages. In this medieval city, the hand of time has rested lightly and the palaces and temples built by its Bundela rulers in the 16th and 17th centuries retain much of their pristine perfection.


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