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Home>>Central India>>Madhya-Pradesh>>Arts-Crafts of Madhya Pradesh

Arts and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh

Bamboowork, Bamboowork art and craft, Bamboowork art of Madhya Pradesh, Bamboowork Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh Bamboowork

Chances are when you visit MP you'll actually find 'the house with the bamboo door'. Bamboo thickets are a common sight in the state and the tribals are experts at putting it to use.


Since the Mughal times, Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh has carved a niche for itself in the weaving of carpets. Later on, weaving also began in the Shahdol & Mandla belt. The carpet weavers of Madhya Pradesh are undisputed masters of not only weaving carpets but dyeing also.

Carpets, Carpets art and craft, Carpets art of Madhya Pradesh, Carpets Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

Craft And Bell Works, Craft And Bell Works art and craft, Craft And Bell Works art of Madhya Pradesh Craft and Bell Works

The delicate taste for making handicrafts is an significant trait of the tribals of Madhya Pradesh. The Murias and the Marias of Bastar are excellent wood carvers.

Dance & Music

Madhya Pradesh occupies a special position in the history of Indian music. The Gwalior gharana is among the most prominent arbiters of the classical style. Raja Mansingh's patronage of Dhrupad singers is well known.

Dance, Dance art and craft, Dance art of Madhya Pradesh, Dance Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Arts Crafts, Arts Crafts of Madhya Pradesh India, Famous Arts & Crafts of Madhya Pradesh India
Dhurries, Dhurries art and craft, Dhurries art of Madhya Pradesh, Dhurries Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh


The floor coverings of Madhya Pradesh consist primarily of durries and carpets in a rich variety of designs. A durrie, essentially a thick cotton woven fabric, is meant for Spreading on the floor, and is made all over Madhya Pradesh, especially near Sironj.


Here are cute, colourful little dolls to give bland old Barbie a run for her money. These dolls are made out of small cloth pieces and are produced in Gwalior, Bhopal and Jhabua.

Dolls, Dolls art and craft, Dolls art of Madhya Pradesh, Dolls Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Arts Crafts
Folk dance of nomadic tribes, Folk dance of nomadic tribes art and craft, Folk dance of nomadic tribes art of Madhya Pradesh

Folk Dance of Nomadic Tribes

Some of the indigenous folk-dances of Madhya Pradesh are by nomadic tribes like the Banjara and the Kanjar of Bhopal commissionary. In this area, one comes crossways a dance form known as Lehangi.

Folk Musical Modes

The folk musical modes of Malwa are very much suited to different occasions. They depend on four to five notes. In rare cases, six notes are employed.

Folk musical modes, Folk musical modes art and craft, Folk musical modes art of Madhya Pradesh
Folk Paintings, Folk Paintings art and craft, Folk Paintings art of Madhya Pradesh, Folk Paintings Arts & Crafts

Folk Paintings

The art of painting in India goes back to prehistoric times. Evidence of this is rampant in the astounding cave paintings found in Madhya Pradesh.

Iron Craft

The tradition of iron craft in Madhya Pradesh has been passed down from generation to generation and stands unmatched in skill and creativity.

Iron Craft, Iron Craft art and craft, Iron Craft art of Madhya Pradesh, Iron Craft Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh
Jute, Jute art and craft, Jute art of Madhya Pradesh, Jute Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Arts Crafts


Next to cotton, jute is the cheapest and most significant of all textile fibers. It is used extensively in developed different types of packaging material for agricultural and industrial products.


The metal craft of the region has a unique rustic charm. Excelling in iron sculptures, the craftsmen of the region experiment with each and every theme traditional or imaginary.

Metalwork, Metalwork art and craft, Metalwork art of Madhya Pradesh, Metalwork Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh
Ornaments, Ornaments art and craft, Ornaments art of Madhya Pradesh, Ornaments Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh

Ornaments & Jewellery

The folk jewellery of Madhya Pradesh is mainly distinctive, highly artistic, elaborate and varied. The various cultural regions have their own distinct styles.


Papier Mache, a craft practiced since time immemorial, finds expression in varied forms. In Madhya Pradesh, the main centre for papier mache is Ujjain, but it is also practiced in Gwalior, Bhopal and Ratlam also.

Papiermache, Papiermache art and craft, Papiermache art of Madhya Pradesh, Papiermache Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh
Pottery, Pottery art and craft, Pottery art of Madhya Pradesh, Pottery Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh


The terracotta pottery of Madhya Pradesh is simply remarkable, especially that practiced by the tribals of Bastar.

Ritual Motifs And Clay Design

Swirling designs are worked out on main entrances of the houses. In these designs each line ends in stylistic swirl.

Ritual Motifs And Clay Design, Ritual Motifs And Clay Design art and craft, Ritual Motifs And Clay Design art
Stone Carving, Stone Carving art and craft, Stone Carving art of Madhya Pradesh, Stone Carving Arts & Crafts

Stone Carving

Stone craft for them is dominated by sculpting or carving various deities on a piece of stone. Different tribe has different set of deities and they are very large in number too. For every occasion they have a different deity.

Stuffed Leather Toys

Delightful looking in a variety of forms, expertly crafted and gaily painted, the stuffed leather toys of Madhya Pradesh are a very attractive. Leather work has been experienced since a numeral of years in Madhya Pradesh.

Stuffed Leather Toys, Stuffed Leather Toys art and craft, Stuffed Leather Toys art of Madhya Pradesh, Stuffed Leather Toys
Tattooing, Tattooing art and craft, Tattooing art of Madhya Pradesh, Tattooing Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh


Tattooing is widely skillful among the Adivasis of Madhya Pradesh. They treat the tattoo marks as worthy of social importance.

Textile printing

Due to its strategic position as a mid state that shares its border with many others, Madhya Pradesh has engrossed influences from mainly textile traditions of India.

Textileprinting, Textileprinting art and craft, Textileprinting art of Madhya Pradesh, Textileprinting Arts & Crafts
Textiles, Textiles art and craft, Textiles art of Madhya Pradesh, Textiles Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh


Garments, bedspreads, tablecloths and curtain material are produced at Umedpura and Tarapur in nandana prints. The prints were once in trend between the villagers of the Nimar plain.

Wood Carving

The art of wood carving has flourished in many parts of Madhya Pradesh, and the beautifully embellished wooden ceilings, doors and lintels with finely carved designs are silent testimonials of its glory.

Woodcarving, Woodcarving art and craft, Woodcarving art of Madhya Pradesh, Woodcarving Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh
Zari Work, Zari Work art and craft, Zari Work art of Madhya Pradesh, Zari Work Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh

Zari Work

The craft of Zari work is rigorous in Bhopal, which is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship. Also practiced in Gwalior and Indore, its source can be traced back to 300 years.


Pottery has been called the lyric of handicrafts. It symbolises man's first attempt at craftmanship. The colours of terracotta articles and figures vary from pink, red, brown to light and dark grey.

Terracotta, Terracotta art and craft, Terracotta art of Madhya Pradesh, Terracotta Arts & Crafts In Madhya Pradesh

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