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Home>>Know About Ladakh

 Know About Ladakh

Ladakh Tours

Ladakh Tourism

India, one of the world's oldest civilizations. A land of over a thousand languages and dialects, of Yoga, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Kamasutra and the inimitable Taj Mahal, India is known and requirements to be known further,


We provide information on tours to the beautiful mountains in Ladakh, India. This Himalayan region is lightly inhabited as it lies in an extremely cold region. Ladakh is specializing in knitting, painting and weaving woolen clothes and blankets

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Ladakh Travel Ladakh Trip

Travel to Ladakh Kashmir, an attractive land of wonderful charms. Travel to Ladakh Kashmir, the topmost glory of India with some fascinating environment and attractive attractions. Jammu & Kashmir tour presents some of the most uncommon to find destinations of the world.


Trip to the Ladakh grasp the pleasure of every visitors. The charm of best trip to Ladakh reproduces in tank of Indian society, traditions and civilization. The features of Ladakh trip include a trip to Zanskar Valley, a trip to Central Ladakh, a trip to Rupshu, a trip to Nubra. For tourists visiting the city,

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History of Ladakh Ladakh Trekking

Ladakh was continuously pestered by the periodical attacks of the Kashmiri Muslims in the 16th century until it was finally annexed to their state in the mid 19th century. One can see distinct influences of the different visitors to the place in the Ladakhi culture.


 Trekking in Ladakh is a glory for trekkers with plenty of opportunities to fit all adventurers and nature fan. There are many treks with a combination of culture and sport activities. Trek along the Indus River and knowledge the tour of local monasteries

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River Rafting in Ladakh Tourist Attractions in Ladakh

River rafting in Ladakh is rather unlike anywhere else in the India. It provides the best opportunity to enjoy and knowledge the natural beauty of the stunning landscape with deep gorges, high snow-capped peaks, hilltop monasteries,


Traveling to Ladakh can be an exciting knowledge. Ladakh holds huge beauty for the mountainous desert stretches from peak to peak, a heavenly painting done in caress of purple, brown and grey, with splash of silver and patches of green along the Indus River.

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Most Popular Attractions In Ladakh


Leh Palace

Lording it over the old town from the peak of a craggy granite ridge is the derelict palace of the 16th century ruler Sengge Namgyal.

Leh Palace, Leh Palace historical, Leh Palace travel, Leh Palace tourism, Leh Palace Historical Place, travel to Leh Palace
Gompas in Ladakh, Gompas in Ladakh tours, Visit Gompas in Ladakh of Jammu Kashmir, Temple tour of Gompas in Ladakh

Gompas in Ladakh (Ladakh)

Kashmir Hub offers you a exclusive chance to explore the Buddhist pilgrimages in Ladakh. Ladakh is basically a high altitude desert and is one of the most remote regions of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. There are more than 100 Gompas or monasteries in Ladakh.

Hemis High Altitude National Park

The Hemis National Park is located in the Ladakh division of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Situated at a distance of around 40 km southeast of Leh, it takes its name from the world famous Buddhist Gompa situated here.

Hemis High Altitude National Park, Wildlife of Hemis High Altitude National Park, Travel to Hemis High Altitude National
Dal Lake, Dal Lake tours, Visit Dal Lake of Jammu Kashmir, Travel to Dal Lake, Beaches and Lakes of Jammu Kashmir Dal Lake

The Kashmir valley is gifted with exotic natural scenic beauty of landscape and water bodies, out of them, the most famous are Dal Lake and Nagin Lake.


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