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Home>>Know About Bharatpur

Know About Bharatpur

Bharatpur Tourism

Bharatpur Tours

Bharatpur is a city situated at Rajasthan state in India. In a first sight it looks like a small busy town, but it has a great history of Jat family. The treasure of beautiful forts, palaces and world famous bird-sanctuary makes it the hottest tourist destination of Rajasthan. Bharatpur is only 175 km away from Delhi.


Bharatpur is famous for its World Heritage-listed bird sanctuary, the Keoladeo Ghana National Park. This is one bird sanctuary that everyone will enjoy visiting. You need not be an ornithologist to understand the beauty of the birds of Bharatpur. In fact, many travelers rate it as a highlight of their visit to India.

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Bharatpur Travel Bharatpur Trip

The myths say that the place was named as Bharatpur after the name of Bharat, the brother of Lord Rama, who's other brother Laxman, was worshipped as the family divinity of the Bharatpur rulers, Laxman's name is imprinted on the state arms and the stops. The city and the fort have been thought to be founded by Rustam, a Jat of Sogariya family.


Bharatpur Rajasthan is a very popular tourist destination. The scenery is beautiful and exciting. Bharatpur city has many beautiful palaces and forts such as Lohagarh Fort, Banke Bihari Temple, Laxman Temple and Ganga Maharani Temple. Trip to Bharatpur take hold of the pleasure of every visitors.

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History of Bharatpur Tourist attractions in Bharatpur

We give history of Bharatpur with complete information about the city and its appearance. The history of Bharatpur is very scrambled with the stories of royal Maharaja, with grand Mughals. Bharatpur history stands with it many spiritual details and facts that make it rather more attractive for travelers and tourists from all over the world.

  Tourist Attractions in Bharatpur can be a good visiting are where you will get wildlife and cultural forts all at a glance. Bharatpur is measured as the Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan. One of the most significant Tourist Attractions in Bharatpur includes the world famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Bharatpur is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan India

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Most Popular Attractions In Bharatpur

Deeg Palace

Located 34 kms form Bharatpur is the very old town of Deeg. It finds bring up in Skanda Purana as 'Dirgha' or 'Dirghapura'.

Deeg Palace, Deeg Palace travel, Deeg Palace tourism, Deeg Palace Historical Place, travel to Deeg Palace Monument
Museum Bharatpur, Museum Bharatpur travel, Museum Bharatpur tourism, Museum Bharatpur Historical Place, travel to Museum

Museum Bharatpur

Located in the centre of the famous Lohagarh Fort, the Bharatpur Museum houses a rich collection of archaeological wealth of the nearby areas as well as from the old Bharatpur State.

Keoladeo National Park

Once the royal hunting preserve of the princes of Bharatpur, this 29 kms park is one of the finest bird sanctuaries in the world, inundated with 400 species of water birds.

Keoladeo National Park, Travel to Keoladeo National Park, Animals wildlife and heritage of Rajasthan, Wildlife

Marwar Festival, Marwar Festival travel, Marwar Festival of Rajasthan, Fair and Festival of Rajasthan, Rajasthan fairs

Marwar Festival

Organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan, the Marwar Festival was originally known as the Maand Festival.


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